Welcome to the BEATO Art & Social Club project.
We present an individual physical space in the Manutenção Militar Factory that will create a vibrant temporary scene for organic mingling and cultural exchange positioned apart but in dialogue with Web Summit 2017.

Daily, we will conduct a controlled collision between some of the bright lights of Berlin’s legendary electronic music scene and Lisbon’s own musical offerings, dynamic video artists’ projections, and the most important element, the vibrant international crowd that will find their way to our unique party!

Beginning with long evenings on the terrace, the BEATO Art & Social Club brings a sophisticated music program combined with tremendous food from Pistoles y Corazon Taqueria… a chance to unwind from the hectic Web Summit events, and as the nights progress, a full-service cocktail bar with an assortment of static and active visual installations combined with a line-up of international DJs from Berlin and Lisbon will take the party through the night. Our goal is to cultivate a fertile environment where the young artists and thinkers of Lisbon, Berlin and beyond can socialise and engage amidst specific and elevated entertainment.



Bless your little heart! Hazy Pockets has just rode into town. Cowboy-conjurer, dedicated disco dilettante, Berlin DJ by way of Texas and California, Joel Isaac Black is a memorable, if not divisive figure, a tireless soul man preaching boogie music in a robotic techno town. Hazy Pockets’ marathon sets are conceived, arranged and delivered to induce not just a physical response, but ecstatic dancing. Rollicking grooves, punchy house for both the raver kids and the suits, the old-school heads, and the neophyte, it’s human-level soul music.

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Tiago, a name synonymous with the Lisbon’s underground night Trust at Lux club (where he is resident for 18 years doing 7h sets in a weekly basis) and a Portuguese pioneer of the blend between all kinds of music. He epitomises how the art of quality disco, house & techno music should be done and played. In these glutted days of cut and paste edits, his care, passion and talent hark back to the origins of the musical movement. As a producer, DJ and musician, Tiago and his extensive discography have played a vital role in the reawakening of love and interest in the various shades of leftfield dance music over the last decade across the world.


A select few DJs can claim to have pioneered a sound so definitive that not only the parties, the producers, the fashion, the ‘feel’ of the specific scene has come to be a household word. Daniel Haaksman pushed and pushed, and created ‘Baile Funk’. Berlin-based, but inevitably on the road for the last decades, Haaksman interpreted anew the sound of Brazilian favelas and launched a genre in the process. With the release of his 2004 compilation ‘Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats’a global obsession was born…and the frenetic, sexy, sweaty nights born of this particular bounce continue to this day. Beato Art & Social Club offers a unique opportunity to catch an originator in an intimate raw space!


Luis Rosenberg is Austrian, Turkish, Indian, Brazilian, Argentinian, Dutch, French, and Chinese. He is He and you and me and you and part of everything. His sets are a mosaic of modern and traditional cultures. His sound is influenced by Turkish pop, Estonian choirs, German synthesizers and Indian drums. The sound is both glistening and dark, natural and shimmering and constantly in flux.

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Artur8 was Born in Cologne, grew up in Vienna, but found his real home in Berlin where he spent his teenage years throughout the late 80s and the early 90s skateboarding and raving, haunting record stores and sharing a love for left field dance music and parties as only that era of Berlin could provide. Hanging out by day at the National Galerie skate spot and spending endless nights clubbing at WMF, Tresor, E-Werk and other long-forgotten clubs of in the reunited Berlin, Artur8 began writing stories for Lodon Magazine, but disappeared to Warsaw in 1999 where his family roots are located. Still harbouring an undying love for the music that shaped his late teens, Artur8 has steadily worked as a DJ interpreting his new surroundings while processing his illustrious Berlin past lives.

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CVLT is a UK-born, Portuguese-raised DJ living in Lisbon, a hybrid of diverse sonic roots, elemental rhythms, and truly eclectic instincts. Growing up in home of jazz musicians, a melting pot of miscellaneous music from jagged punk to tribal african rhythms, he first built his reputation as a DJ (CVLT) while living in New York. Interpreting the sounds of that city and honing his own unique sonics, CVLT sets represent an ever-fascinating blend of music born of distinct geographic locations. First becoming a staple in Portugal’s well kept underground scene, then taking over parties from Lisbon to Berlin, CVLT has found a home with the misfit/mutant label Discos Capablanca, and frequently works as part of the artist collective Fungo and other collaborators.

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Capablanca is a charismatic and unpredictable DJ, producer and label owner who has been steadily building a reputation for making his playful and dilettantish approach a proper style of his own over the last decade in his adopted Berlin. His DJ sets and studio work reflect this wild and eclectic creative energy, melting psychedelic influences, disco, industrial, acid and other far out genres and styles together to create a raw and organic whole that bends both in the body and mind.

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Blaenk Minds stand for creative collaboration. A video collective-DJ team, an immersive performance duo, Blaenk Minds produce a unique video/visual experience for every track they play, a live-mixed realisation of sound and image combined to engage the viewer or participant on all sensory levels. Curating a fine selection of visual video art projections of collaborative artists, Blaenk Minds will occupy a unique space throughout the BEATO ART & SOCIAL CLUB experience, culminating in an entire evening of their own distinct audio-visual fireworks, hosting the closing event, BLAENK NIGHT, an unforgettable finale of elevated electronic music and dynamic graphics.


Xavier Hirsch is an artist born and raised in Berlin, a practitioner of design and communication that deftly combines both a formal and institutional schooling and conceptual theory background with a talent for deconstructing and re-animating existing physical space and lighting to negotiate some universal themes of human existence and asking questions of pronounced philosophical weight. Working with stark lines, shadows, reflections, symmetries, and other rigid material devices, then adding human story-telling, live computer-modelling, projections and interactive elements, Hirsch brings the viewer to his art as participant and summons a strange form of industrial-organic beauty.


Nico Stinghe is a Milano based photgrapher with a unique and authentic “in the moment” approach to portraying the street-level realness of his objects and protagonists. His images can be found in fashion and lifestyle print magazines for more than a decade now. Sometimes posed, but often impromptu snaps, Stinghe’s photos possess small details, objects lurking in the background, unexpected textures, body-parts, fabrics, and spots of color that draw the viewer into a moment in time. With an ongoing project under the name ‘Another Sidewalk’ Nico Stinghe proffers street-scenes, not all glamour, some moments of terror, bliss, disgust, but always brutally honest glimpses into the clumsy genius of humans on the move, in the _____streets.


Schall & Schnabel are a multi-disciplinary studio founded by Eileen Huhn and Pierre Horn that works primarily within the field of conceptual fashion editorials while initiating different collaborative projects with visual artists, musicians and dancers. With a knack for offbeat ideas, surreal dioramas, and humorous staging, the duo effortlessly utilise fashion photography and portrait photography, cinemagraphs & animated gifs, videography, stop motion, light and room installations to convey a moderately-warped, but engaging and challenging universe. Vivid pop-art colors, mirrors, and dynamic lighting and shadows with subtle nods to our problematic and frantic urban culture combine to demand real questions of the viewer and stimulate meaningful visual dialogue.


Aglaja and Florian are a young photography duo, born in Hamburg and based in Berlin. They began to work together as a team in 2014. Their main area of work lies within the realm of fashion, beauty and portrait, but they regularly also try to integrate stills & architecture in their stories. Their work is often described as cinematic, dark and sensual – always trying to tell a story. In this series, the duo portrayed special model & artist Melanie Gaydos, contrasting her uniqueness with the scenery of an ordinary village near Berlin.


Martim Mónica is a multi-disciplinary creative, who freely admits to having far too many interests…that is to say he is still figuring life out and honing in on the those skills which truly match his intuition. Studying Graphic Moving Image at the London College of Communication, Mónica labored with agencies inside Google as a Graphic and Motion Designer after which he decided to return to Lisbon where his multifacted skills are utilised in diverse programs such as a commercial music/social media start-up emerging from Korea in addition to civic projects for Lisbon governments and agencies. Martim Mónica excels in creating graphics that adapt to their envirmonent perfectly, and his ability to adapt is pronounced. Absorbing aesthetics, themes, branding, and subtle communications as a polymath is a true talent.



Sebastião Lobo is a Portuguese jeweller and conceptual artist producing an array of large solitary sculptural pieces and a series of thematic collections working with wire, common metals, various organic materials (wood, clay, tissue), as well as rich fabrics and textures such as brass, copper, and gold. Lobo’s pieces remind the viewer of obscure dungeons, forbidden games, chimerical characters, depicting a universe of decaying pseudo-bourgeoisie elements and apocalyptic scenarios. Adding random objects found on the street and other ephemera to his creations, Lobo’s creatures possess both smooth transitions in contour and carefully intertwined entanglements, harsh, precise hammer strokes, combining to reflect and diffuse light in a magical way.


Diogo B. Moniz lives in the small village of Aldeia de Paio pires outside of Lisbon where he retreats from a hectic city existence to both commune with the land as a dedicated agriculturalist and produce his ever-evolving body of graphic art. Fixating on the human skull, expressive visages, simple, elegant collages, pop-art geometry…detailed hand-drawn faces jump out from gorgeous tapestries of color. Diogo’s work is neither abstract, nor bound to realism, but a simple expression of his experiences, observations, and a quiet reflection of the human condition.


Native ‘Lisboeta’ Catarina Alves creates sculpture. This is to say she shapes things. Alves shapes the viewers’ imagination, shapes a dialogue concerning uncertain futures, her sculptures demand new form of thought. Drawing upon a background of formal arts education in ceramics, tiles, and scenography, simultaneous with guerrilla street theater and puppetry, Catarina Alves embraces a broad concept of audience for her work, producing works as an individual exhibitor as well as commercial and civic commissions. Her oversized giraffe figure represents the universal predicament of swift growth, patience, and pace in a modern context.


Tiago Franco draws and paints his way around. An ever-growing capacity for transferring memories to a two-dimensional plane fuelled his youthful entry into the visual arts. Following his instincts in training his painter’s hand, and his eye for artistic forms, Tiago travelled to Warsaw, to Santiago Chile pursuing architecture studies, eventually working with Pritzker Prize winner Alejandro Aravena. Tiago’s return to Portugal finds him organising consistent solo exhibitions all the while teaching himself the art of surfboard-shaping in Ericeira, Portugal.


Constança Antunes Clara is an instigator, a dedicated searcher, rapidly building a repertoire in her preferred mediums of ceramics, sculpture, graphics arts, and most critically, organising like-minded artists to group together and produce challenging, contemporary work. Her formal studies stretch from Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon. ceramics workshops at the Convent Workshops, painting, and a post-graduate study at the hallowed Central Saint Martins College in London. Adapting her peers’ visions, combining her own world view into her politically-charged statements and clarifying these disparate lines of thought inform Clara’s work ethic. Interactive sculpture, audience-participation with an eye on the intellectual dialogue and role of the modern fine-artist drives Clara ever forward.